Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ayla Gloves - Review

Ayla Gloves are long fingerless gloves that are stylish, chic, and super comfy. I have been wearing mine inside as I shop in air conditioned buildings, and outside as the evenings get cooler. I like that the gloves complete an outfit, and the slouchy fit adds to the urban look. The open fingers allow for rings to be on display - to remain a part of the overall styled look.

I have found that Ayla Gloves are practical for my everyday tasks:
carrying a drink (tea on the go), holding a glass of wine on the patio (my evenings - not every evening), using my smart phone, holding my toddlers' hand - with a better grip, holding an umbrella, 
pushing the stroller.... In the Fall, my Ayla Gloves will keep my hands warm during errands and school runs. I have a couple of 3/4 sleeve jackets that I'll wear each pair with during the Fall & Spring. 

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cloud Vitamin A Cream - Review

The sun has been shining almost every day in this beautiful city and with the hot rays I want to protect my facial skin. I have been using Cloud Vitamin A lotion every morning as a part of my skin care. One pump of the tube gives enough coverage for my face, and I like that there is only the scent of lotion (glaxal cream base), and no perfumes. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer moments take me back to my childhood....

Enjoying raspberries:

Standing at the kitchen counter...a little bit of cane sugar glittering in my palm...dipping raspberries into the sugar.... I remember walking through the rows of raspberry bushes at my Grandparents' farm...bucket in hand...sampling as I went. Warm sun on my little sister running around chirping with her little girl voice.

I remember walking to the small raspberry bushes at my other Grandmas' backyard and filling a large container...then sitting in her living room and polishing off the whole thing.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Ava's DIY Sun Catcher

Ava and I made Sun Catchers to hang on our fence to decorate the yard a little. We found different beads and attached them to sticks that Ava collected from around the neighbourhood.

I used several green beads, a pyramid, and a large wood pendant on my Sun Catcher:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Best of Bridge Home Preserving - Cookbook Review

Many of us remember canning fruit and making pickles and jam with Parents and Grandparents when we were young. Now making preserves at home is a great way to utilize the delicious berries that we can pick ourselves at local UPicks and fruit that we buy at Farmers Markets. Ava and my Husband make raspberry jam every summer to give to family - it's always a hit. Maybe this year they can try Bumbleberry Jam:

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